What Do We Do?

We are dedicated to helping startups and early-stage companies turn their cutting-edge ideas into reality and grow their business. We provide a supportive environment with facilitated access to state-of-the-art R&D facilities, mentorship, networking opportunities, access to manufacturing partners, access to investors and funding, and office space. Not only that, we also provide matched industrial and professional linkages that can help companies to connect with key players and advance quickly. With our help, these companies can develop their technology and bring it to market, creating new products and services that change the world. Join us on this journey of innovation and discovery!


It all starts with your Application! Once you apply our screeners will short-list selected startups for NICAT Incubation Program. Shortlisted startups will be interviewed by a panel of judges and finalists would be invited to join the cohort.

Vision & Values

The National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies is envisioned, powered and funeded by IGNITE-National Technology Fund and Ministry of Information Technology, to help Pakistan’s Aerospace and ICT industries realize their full potential.

Pakistan’s National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 2021 envisions socio-economic development of the country through Innovation for domestic and international markets.  Rehbar-I was Pakistan’s first successful deep spaceflight in 1962, making Pakistan the third country in Asia and the 10th in the world to conduct such a launch.

Program features

Access to state-of-the-art R&D and testing labs
Mentorship & Advising
Industrial and Professional Networking
Access to Investors
Promotions and opportunities
Office Space
Legal and Administrative Support





Feb & Aug

Aerospace Symposium

Where experts come together to talk about the latest trends and developments
Feb & Aug

Research Showcase

Academia and Industry share latest discoveries, breakthroughs, technologies and inventions 
Feb & Aug

Aerospace Hack

Hacking the most crucial business and technology challenges to a sustainable future

Industrial Gala

Where Industry showcases its latest undertakings and engages with Academia, Government and other Industry

Aerospace Business Challenge

Entrepreneurs get their hats on to take on the most challenging problems and opportunities

Fireside chats, Networking Events

Connect, Share, Collaborate, Grow
Year Round

Incubation, Trainings & Workshops

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