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Vision & Values

The National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies is envisioned, powered and funded by IGNITE-National Technology Fund and Ministry of Information Technology, to help Pakistan’s Aerospace and ICT industries realize their full potential.

Pakistan’s National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 2021 envisions socio-economic development of the country through Innovation for domestic and international markets.  Rehbar-I was Pakistan’s first successful deep spaceflight in 1962, making Pakistan the third country in Asia and the 10th in the world to conduct such a launch. 

NICAT is envisioned to revive Pakistan’s Aerospace glory and take it beyond the skies.

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Global Aerospace and defense industry market size is $697 billion, with commercial aerospace at $298 billion. Pakistan’s aerospace & defense market size is of $8.7 billion. Most of military hardware showcased on the 23rd March parade is manufactured in 100KMs radius of Islamabad. Elements of HighTech, ELECTRO-MECHANICAL-IT Cluster are already present in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT) opens aerospace industry to private sector. NICAT can transform Rawalpindi/Islamabad into a High-Tech Innovation Valley. NICAT is the platform to bring industry, academia, and government together.

The purpose of the NICAT Consortium is to contribute to society & economic transformation by empowering, connecting, and equipping Pakistani Talent, by bringing together investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and talented youth of Pakistan.


NICAT is established through a triple-helix model, bringing together Public-Private-Industry partners.

NICAT is envisioned and funded by IGNITE.  

NICAT is envisioned and funded by MoiTT.  

NICAT is part of NASTP ecosystem in partnership with Aviation City Pakistan.

The Consortium:

Innovators Garage to 

NETSOL Consortium is the executing and operating partner with Netsol Technologies Limited as the lead partner.  It comprises Air University, PAC Kamra and Innovators Garage.  This consortium has come together to create a development pathway for startups and the ecosystem.  Bringing together experts, researchers and trainers from academia through AU, advanced and state-of-the-art testing, manufacturing and production facilities of PAC Kamra, networking and partners through Innovators Garage, and Netsol’s global presence and network for commercialization, this consortium forms the core of a wider partnership and infrastructure that has been established to develop innovation in aerospace and deep-tech to the next level.

Strategic Partners:


RWR established in 1986, specializes in Embedded Systems, custom RF Modules, Digital Signal Processing & Embedded Software Applications.

Partner Role
Technology Partner

The Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology is a premier research intensive private university located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Partner Role
Research & Innovation Partner

CARE Pvt Ltd

CARE (Center for Advanced Research in Engineering) Private Limited deals in Software Development and Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering with focus on Communication Systems and Information Technology

Partner Role
List of 8 Mentors in Support Letter

Rapidev deals in High Tech Cyber & Electronic Warfare Solutions, Electronic parts & components, Software Design, Contract Manufacturing and Trainings. Based at NSTP NUST, Islamabad.

Partner Role
Technology Partner
List of 4 Mentors in Support Letter

Global Semiconductor Group (GSG) was established in early 2021 as a global leading investment firm focused on the semiconductor space. Led by Silicon Valley based industry veterans and international finance experts, GSG applies proven strategic growth strategies to help companies achieve unicorn status.

Partner Role
Investment Partner

AKSA is a reputed hardware, software and solutions providing facility which offers type specific and general solutions at domestic platforms by extending its services for international market.

Partner Role
Technology Partner
List of 4 Mentors in Support Letter

Turkey’s premiere autonomous technology company.
Turkish Technology Team T3 / Teknofest

Partner Role
Aerospace/ICT Mentors
NICAT Startups participation in Teknofest
Aerospace Curriculum Support

Partner Role
Startup mentorship and advisory support

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Talent, Expert Access and Engineering mentors