NICAT: Pakistan’s 🇵🇰 Premier Aerospace ✈️ and DeepTech 🛰 Incubation Center

Boeing reports that there is demand for more than 43,500 new airplanes worth $7.2 trillion by 2040. Global Aerospace and defense industry market size is $697 billion annually, with commercial aerospace at $298 billion. Domestic flight in Pakistan costs $0.064 per mile whereas $0.049 per mile in the neighboring countries. Pakistan has about 0.03 aircraft seats per person, in comparison with India (0.16), Nepal (0.11), and Bangladesh (0.04). The scale of opportunity for Pakistan in Aerospace & HighTech Manufacturing is unprecedented. Aerospace can solve complex problems faced by humanity and can transform mobility, healthcare, agriculture, and emergency services. Aerospace & HighTech Manufacturing sectors can become the largest export sectors of Pakistan.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are needed to transform economies — to build the Next Silicon Valley — the most incredible creation of wealth in human history. Through Innovation and entrepreneurship, China has lifted 800M+ people out of poverty in the last 4 decades. China is building 50,000+ startups each month. Ignite NTF funds startups and innovative projects to stimulate a vibrant startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT) is a joint venture between Ignite NTF, Ministry of IT, and the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP). Pakistan’s First Ever Aerospace Incubation Center NICAT has opened the doors for First Startup Cohort. Startups from Aerospace, Aviation & DeepTech sectors can join NICAT in Rawalpindi or digitally from across Pakistan.

NICAT will contribute towards high-tech manufacturing, jobs creation, peace, deterrence, protection, high-tech investments, technology spinoffs, spillovers, and the creation of the HighTech Startup Ecosystem in the country. Vietnam in a decade has transformed the economy from 10% High-tech exports (% of manufactured exports) to over 40%. High-Tech Exports are the key to the Economic Transformation of a country. Our Mission at NICAT is to bring Aerospace & HighTech Manufacturing boom of 400% in Pakistan like what Vietnam achieved in a decade.

Entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation in the skies and beyond, working with any of the following technologies, come join us at NICAT: Pakistan’s 🇵🇰 Premier Aerospace ✈️ and DeepTech 🛰 Incubation Center:

💡 Drones and Robotics
💡 Flight Simulators and Augmented Reality (AR/VR/MR)
💡 Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data
💡 Advanced Wireless Networks and Communication Systems
💡 IoT & ICT Systems
💡 Aircraft and Spacecraft Systems
💡 Avionics, Electro-Optic/IR Systems
💡 Electronic Sensors and C2 Systems
💡 Information Assurance, Cyber Defense and Resilience
💡 Advanced Materials, Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
💡 Precision Agriculture

Come join us in Changing the World 🌐 and making human life multiplanetary 🪐🌌 Together let’s make Pakistan 🇵🇰 a Top-50 Innovative Nation. Why you should join us:

🚀 Free Co-Working Space, access to R&D Labs, and Industrial exposure
🚀 Grow your Business with Global Mentors!
🚀 Achieve Product-Market Fit & Investment Readiness
🚀 Pitch your Startup to Angel Investors & VCs
🚀 Become part of the Largest Innovation Community in Pakistan 🇵🇰

NICAT brings together all the winning ingredients from industry, academia, & Government and is well poised to contribute towards the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan. NICAT would contribute to this transformation by empowering, connecting, and equipping Pakistani Entrepreneurs — by bringing together investors, innovators, thought leaders, and policymakers of Pakistan. National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT) aims to transform Rawalpindi/Islamabad into a High-Tech Innovation Valley by creating a sustainable startup ecosystem that is alive to national needs & serves global markets.

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