Abdul Rehman (Agha)

Startup Success Manager

Agha Abdul Rahman has a strong track record of supporting startups and helping them succeed through his work in incubation and innovation management. As the Head of Department at the Startup Incubator at the University of Lahore, he built and led the startup incubator which became a hub for innovation, providing resources, mentorship, and support to early-stage startups.

Agha also served as a Program Manager for a Japan-based startup accelerator, where he worked with 10 growth-stage startups to expand their businesses in Southeast Asia. During his time at Rainmaking-Startupbootcamp/X-Hub Accelerator, he played a critical role in managing the accelerator program, helping 10 Japanese startups to establish a foothold in the Southeast Asian market.

Agha has also demonstrated his expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship consultancy for corporates and the education sector while working at E&I Management Consultants. He has a certification in Startup Incubation Management from Cranfield School of Management and DICE British Council, which he utilizes to help corporates and educational institutions set up and manage their own startup incubators.
Agha's accomplishments extend beyond his work in incubation and acceleration. He is also one of the few Pakistanis to have been selected for the Y-Combinator Startup School in 2019, and one of only three Pakistani startups to have been chosen for the Al Basr Hajj Hackathon 2019. With a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a certification in Blockchain Hyperledger Fabrication, Abdul brings a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen to his work.

Overall, Agha's expertise in incubation, acceleration, and innovation consultancy, as well as his impressive track record of helping startups succeed, make him a valuable asset to any organization in the startup ecosystem.