AVM (R) Asad Ikram

Principal Advisor

AVM Asad Ikram (R) has extensive expertise in the aviation and engineering industry, having worked in various leadership positions for over three decades. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing long-term technology, product and business development strategies. As Principal Advisor NICAT, Mr Ikram is responsible for defining the center’s policies and strategies, creating linkages with academia and industry, and ensuring the technical & business development of the incubates. His leadership skills and strategic thinking enable the teams to grow and succeed in a highly competitive market. In his role as Senior Consultant at National Radio Telecom Corporation of Pakistan, Mr. Ikram is responsible for advising high performance teams, delivering high-quality analysis and content, and interacting with clients at executive levels. His contributions to the acquisition process, research and development, and product realization have helped the company expand its business offerings and enhance its reputation. Additionally, Mr Ikram provides policy inputs and leadership development advice to industry, academia and government entities.
Previously, as founding Director General of Aviation Research Innovation & Development at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Mr. Ikram’s vision and core values, along with his extensive knowledge of the aviation industry and experience in research and development, laid the foundation for technology and product development through partnership with the private sector industry, focusing on challenges and opportunities of the future. Mr. Ikram has also served as Principal and Commandant at PAF College of Aeronautical Engineering, Chief Engineer Design & Development at Avionics Production Factory, Officer Commanding Special Task Group at Pakistan Air Force, Officer In-Charge Aerodrome Electronic Facilities, and Assistant Professor at PAF College of Aeronautical Engineering. He holds an MS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Purdue University, USA, is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Senior Member of IEEE, a professional engineer at PEC Council, and an EASA/PCAA 145 Lead Auditor. His extensive education, certifications, and experience make him a highly qualified professional in the aviation and engineering industry.