Nadim Afzal

Facilities & Accounts Specialist

Nadeem Afzal is an experienced finance professional with a strong background in financial management and accounting. He has an MBA in Finance and has worked in various industries managing financial operations. He is proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, Quick Books, and Oracle NetSuite ERP, and has a solid understanding of financial regulations and compliance, and experience of procurement.

Throughout his career, Nadeem has been responsible for ensuring timely preparation of financial information, periodic financial statements, and financial analysis. He has implemented accounting software, coordinated with financial institutions, and ensured compliance with regulatory bodies. His experience in working with government authorities and managing joint venture partners on financial matters has given him good experience of cross-border operations. Nadeem's computer and IT knowledge, including proficiency in MS Excel, MS Word, Quick Books, and Oracle NetSuite ERP, make him an asset for startups seeking to establish or enhance their financial management systems. His expertise in managing joint venture partners on financial matters and working with government authorities provides valuable insights and experience for everyday business needs.

Having an MBA in Finance, a decade an a half's experience managing financial operations for companies in various industries, strong problem-solving skills, sense of attention to detail, and ability to multitask, Nadeem has developed a keen sense to evaluate control systems to improve processes and increase efficiency, he is an asset to any project and company.