Raamish Khan

Asst. Manager IT

Raamish Khan is an experienced professional in the field of IT and operations management. With over two years of experience as an Operations Manager and Technical Support Engineer, Raamish has honed his skills in managing and resolving technical issues efficiently.

Raamish holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Computer) Engineering from COMSATS University Islamabad and a Master of Science in Project Management from Bahria University. He also holds several certifications, including the Huawei Certified Specialist Associate (HCSA) Sales - Digital Power and HCSA Intelligent Collaboration. With his expertise in project management, electrical engineering, and technical support, Raamish is well-equipped to handle all IT-related matters at NICAT. His strengths lie in his ability to manage complex IT systems and resolve technical issues promptly, ensuring minimal downtime for the incubation center's startups.

Raamish's experience and education have also equipped him with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, making him an ideal collaborator and a valuable member of any team. He is committed to providing high-quality IT support and working closely with the incubation center's startups to help them achieve their goals. Overall, Raamish's strengths in IT management, technical support, and project management make him an excellent fit for his current role at NICAT.