Saad Tariq Hameed

Investments & Legal Advisor

Saad is a highly skilled and accomplished individual with a successful track record of leading cultural transformation efforts in challenging communities and societies through academic and entrepreneurial engagement. He is known for creating impactful platforms and brands for empowerment, culture, and education, including The Knowledge Factory (TKF), a platform that has received wide national recognition and international acclaim.

In addition, Saad has gained extensive experience as an entrepreneur and startup coach through TKF’s Entrepreneurs’ development program and working with Netsol Technologies. Previously, he has also served as faculty of law at LUMS and FAST for a number of years, and been engaged with the British Council as a partner, consultant and international delegate to the UK. His work experience along with his educational background of Law, Statistics and Web Enterprise Development has equipped him with a strong foundation in enterprise development, digitization, e-commerce and advanced technologies.

Saad has numerous certifications from US universities, including in Entrepreneurship from Wharton, Digital marketing and social from North Western, Organizational Analysis, Machine Learning from Stanford, Critical thinking skills from Michigan and others. Saad has been recognized as a leader for culture, organizational and civic engagement by both US Dept. of State and British Council, and worked in the abroad with entrepreneurs and business development organizations. He is certified as a consultant, advisor and trainer for Startups and SME by SMEDA Pakistan, and also licensed to practice law in the high courts in Pakistan. Overall, Saad's diverse background and proven success in driving revitalization and cultural transformation efforts have positioned them as a respected leader and valuable resource for startups and entrepreneurs.