Sara Tims

Asst. Manager Community & Events

Sarah is a natural leader with a proven track record of managing large teams and building communities. Her extensive experience in event management, operations, administration, marketing, and public relations makes her an excellent candidate for the role of community manager at a business incubator.

Sarah's strength lies in her ability to build relationships and inspire others. As the Speaker and Logistic Manager for Future Fest, she successfully coordinated more than three hundred worldclass speakers and managed more than thirty thousand audience members, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. In her previous roles, she was responsible for hiring, training, and managing staff, while maintaining a positive and motivating work environment. In addition to her people skills, Sara has a keen eye for detail and is exceptional at organizing and executing events.

She has a wealth of experience curating panel discussions, fireside chats, and keynote speaker sessions on various topics, making her well-equipped to handle the diverse needs of a startup community. Sarah's experience in public relations has also equipped her with the ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders and engage with the wider community. As the Vice Principal at Zainab Foundation, she was the front face for all parent meetings, and her ability to manage staff, human resources, curriculum, and schedules ensured the smooth running of the organization. Academically Sara studied Arts, Sociology, and Psychology, and has good understanding of Commerce, Business Studies, English Literature, Religious Studies, and English Language. Her diverse background and experience in community management, event organization, and public relations make her the right fit to help our members directly.